Why the name ETRE?



Naming the firm ETRE was entirely inspired by the city of New Orleans.

A city and a region founded by the French, its map still shows land development patterns of how it grew according to the French arpent system and the determined and proud, but relaxed and laissez-faire philosophy of its French founders still inform the way of life in New Orleans today.

ETRE is a nod to that ever important French verb which means "to be" and it reminds us in just four simple letters to "just be."

Those four letters reminds us to not necessarily try to out think or outsmart ourselves on our developments and investments. It tells us to remain steadfastly committed to the principles of integrity and sense of place; to remain fiercely committed to building lasting communities, as was the culture of New Orleans 300 years ago, while continuing in the joie de vivre that makes this community so rare and unique still today.